Dreams: Terry Gilliam's Brazil

Info and Features on Terry Gilliam's picture, Brazil - released in 1985. Edited by Phil Stubbs.

The Brazil FAQ, by David S. Cowen

Dreams is very pleased to incorporate the Brazil FAQ. Written in the late 1990s by David S. Cowen, it provided much information about the picture in the early days of the Internet. Now it is available here on this website. Many thanks to David S. Cowen for allowing this FAQ to be reproduced on this website.

0. Introduction
1. I didn't understand the film at all. What's it all about?
2. Why were problems with BRAZIL's release in America?
3. How many versions of BRAZIL have been released?
4. How do I get the version I want to see (on laserdisc or DVD)?
5. What is the title BRAZIL supposed to mean?
6. How does BRAZIL fit in with Gilliam's other movies?
7. What are the lyrics to the song _Brazil_? Is a soundtrack available?
8. The sets are stunning. Where were they filmed?
9. What do all the signs say?
10. What is Information Retrieval Charging?
11. What does the singing telegram girl sing?
12. Miscellaneous questions, answers and observations.
13. Where can I get more information about BRAZIL?
14. Notable Quotes.


Further features on Brazil from within Dreams...

Promotion Stills Black & White stills from the Universal promotion pack
Terry Gilliam - a biography by Michael Palin From the Universal promotion pack
The Birth of Brazil Script from a BBC documentary about Brazil
Terry Gilliam's inspiration for Brazil Terry Gilliam's inspiration for Brazil

Brazil Publicity Notes - from the UK Distributor. Click on each image for a larger version

This Brazil page contains a brief introduction to the film and links to other Dreams pages with more information about the movie and its release.

Further archive material on Brazil will be uploaded here.

"My lasting impression of the making of Brazil was the feeling that we would never finish. We shot for nine months, having begun with a 20-week schedule. Despite the additional time, we still managed to come in $1m under budget. There are a great many mysteries associated with film-making, and that is still one of the greatest in my experience" - Terry Gilliam (1994)

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