Dreams: Fear and Loathing Production Notes

JOHNNY DEPP (Raoul Duke) is one of today's most versatile leading actors, however, most recently, he directed, co-wrote and starred in The Brave, featuring Marlon Brando. He recently finished filming The Astronaut's Wife with Charlize Theron, due out later this year.

Depp has earned both critical and popular acclaim for his work in a variety of memorable roles in unique feature films. Previous to The Brave, he most recently starred in the critical and commercial hit Donnie Brasco for TriStar Pictures alongside Al Pacino. Prior to that, Depp starred in Miramax Films' Dead Man, a western set in the late 1800s directed by Jim Jarmusch, and Paramount's thriller Nick of Time. He starred in Don Juan DeMarco as a man convinced he is the world's greatest lover, opposite legendary actors Marlon Brando and Faye Dunaway. It was Depp's compelling performance in the title role of Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands that established him as one of Hollywood's most sought-after talents, earning him a Best Actor Golden Globe nomination. He was honored with a second Golden Globe nomination for his portrayal in Benny & Joon, an off-beat love story in which he starred with Aidan Quinn and Mary Stuart Masterson.

Depp was reunited with Tim Burton for the heralded Ed Wood, the story of one of America's most eccentric film directors. His performance in this film garnered Depp his third Best Actor Golden Globe nomination. His other films include Lasse Hallstrom's What's Eating Gilbert Grape, which starred Depp in the title role, Emir Kusturica's Arizona Dream, in which he starred with Jerry Lewis and Faye Dunaway, and his feature film debut, John Waters' affectionate homage to the 1950s, Cry Baby.

BENICIO DEL TORO (Dr. Gonzo) has recently won back-to-back Independent Spirit Awards for Best Supporting Actor, first as Fred Fenster in The Usual Suspects, and then in Julian Schnabel's Basquiat. Most recently, Del Toro starred opposite Alicia Silverstone and Christopher Walken in the Columbia Pictures' Excess Baggage.

Del Toro studied acting in New York City and Los Angeles with Stella Adler and Arthur Mendoza as a way of diversifying from painting, which he continues to practice in a multi-media manner. He made his motion picture debut on the James Bond film License to Kill, which was followed by the television mini-series Drug Wars, The Indian Runner, China Moon, Fearless, Money for Nothing, Swimming With Sharks, The Funeral and The Fan.

The Cameo Players are:

CRAIG BIERKO as Lacerda ('Til There Was You, The Long Kiss Goodnight)

ELLEN BARKIN as Waitress at North Star Café (Diner, The Big Easy, Sea of Love)

GARY BUSEY as Highway Patrolman (The Buddy Holly Story, Point Break, The Firm, Rookie of the Year)

CAMERON DIAZ as Blonde TV Reporter (The Mask, Feeling Minnesota, She's The One, My Best Friend's Wedding)

FLEA as Musician in Matrix Club Men's Room (Founding Member of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Back to the Future Part II & III, My Own Private Idaho, Son-in-Law, The Big Lebowski)

MARK HARMON as Magazine Reporter at Mint 400 (TV's Chicago Hope, Natural Born Killers, The Presidio, Summer School)

KATHERINE HELMOND as Desk Clerk at Mint Hotel (Time Bandits, Brazil, Family Plot)

MICHAEL JETER as Speaker at D.A. Drug Convention (The Fisher King, Jakob the Liar)

PENN JILLETTE as Barker at Bazooko Circus ( One half of Penn & Teller, Penn & Teller Get Killed, My Chauffeur and Half Japanese: The Band That Would Be King)

LYLE LOVETT as Musician at Matrix Club (The Player, Short Cuts, Prêt-á-Porter, The Opposite of Sex)

TOBEY MAGUIRE as Hitchhiker (S.F.W., This Boy's Life, The Ice Storm, Deconstructing Harry)

LARAINE NEWMAN as Frog-Eyed Woman (Stardust Memories, Perfect, Coneheads, Jingle All The Way)

CHRISTINA RICCI as Lucy (The Ice Storm, The Opposite of Sex, Casper, Now and Then)

HARRY DEAN STANTON as Judge (She's So Lovely, Alien, The Godfather, Part II, Cool Hand Luke)

TIM THOMERSON as Hoodlum (Car Wash, Which Way Is Up?, Uncommon Valor, Air America).

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