Interviews, Features and News about Terry Gilliam's picture,
The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus, released around the world from Autumn 2009

Terry Gilliam reflects on Dr Parnassus - featuring examples of artwork

Gilliam talks to Dreams about the inspirations for and the problems of The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus

Terry Gilliam Q&A (interrupted by Heath Ledger) on location in London

Gilliam speaks to Dreams while a shot is being set up in Leadenhall Market, London
Dave Warren on the design of Dr Parnassus

Interview with Dave Warren, Oscar-nominated for Dr Parnassus, plus some artwork examples

Editor Mick Audsley talks Parnassus

Mick Audsley spoke to Dreams in October 2008 about his work on the new Gilliam pic

Sarah Monzani interview

The make-up and hair designer talks to Dreams about her work on Dr Parnassus

Charles McKeown, co-writer of Dr Parnassus

Writer and actor McKeown talks about creating the Dr Parnassus script, and other projects he has worked on with Gilliam

Nicola Pecorini on Dr Parnassus

Director of Photography Nicola Pecorini speaks to Dreams during the London shoot of Dr Parnassus
Andrew Garfield talks to Dreams

The actor spoke to this website about Dr Parnassus, between scenes on the set of the London shoot

Amy Gilliam on the beginnings of Dr Parnassus

Producer of Dr Parnassus tells Dreams the story of how the project went into production
Monique Prudhomme on Dr Parnassus Costumes

Costume Designer Monique Prudhomme, who was nominated for an Oscar for her work on Dr Parnassus, tells Dreams about the outfits in the picture

Line Producer Robert How

British Line Producer Robert How talks to Dreams about making Dr Parnassus happen

Gilliam speaks to Dreams

Brief interview with Terry Gilliam from June 2009, summarising the Cannes experience...

Coming Soon to Dreams... many more exclusive interviews, features and behind-the-scenes details on Dr Parnassus...

Imery Watson's concept art for Dr Parnassus

Concept artist Imery Watson shares his Dr Parnassus work with Dreams

Construction of the wagon

Follow the build of the wagon in this series of construction photos

Shooting Dr Parnassus

A summary of the production, including new details about the Vancouver studio work on Terry Gilliam's forthcoming fantasy picture

Dr Parnassus - The Cannes Press Conference

Terry Gilliam, producers and three of the cast held a press conference in Cannes on the day of the picture's world premiere - Part One and Part Two

Dr Parnassus titles

Examples from the Dr Parnassus title sequences have been released
Dr Parnassus Trailer

The official theatrical trailer has been launched, click here to view. Plus a short film featuring director Terry Gilliam and some artwork from Dr Parnassus.
UPDATED - Dr Parnassus stills & clips

Detailed stills and three clips from the picture have been released

Dr Parnassus Preview

Preview to Terry Gilliam's forthcoming project, The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus, featuring cast, synopsis and artwork
2009 News Blog

The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus is now complete and has been selected for the Cannes Film Festival
2008 News Blog

Terry Gilliam's latest project, The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus, completed Principal Photography in 2008, and postproduction took place in London.
2007 News Blog

2007 News Review, the year that the Dr Parnassus project was announced, was planned and started shooting
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