Dreams: Dr Parnassus Trailer

Edited by Phil Stubbs

On August 7 2009, the theatrical trailer for The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus was released. It is available to view at Yahoo Movies UK.

Below is an embedded file from Trailer Addict, and below that is a larger video file from Movie List


Further, during the postproduction of Dr Parnassus, a short film was released to the web. This is not the trailer proper, but website Quick Stop Entertainment has served up a new short film with artwork from Dr Parnassus. In this short, Gilliam gives a background to the story of Dr Parnassus, and there are also a few stills from the picture mixed in with brief sequences from some of the director's other movies. Quick Stop encouraged other websites to embed the film too... so here it is. Enjoy!

Don't worry about the "THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN REMOVED" notice.
It works just fine if you click on it!

There's plenty more on Dr Parnassus at Dreams

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