Dreams Interviews

Edited by Phil Stubbs

Here's a selection of interviews held within Dreams, and also (at the bottom) links to interviews outside of Dreams.

2000 Preparation for Quixote Terry Gilliam talks about preparation for Quixote
1998 Fear and Loathing in the UK - November 1998 Terry Gilliam talks to British journalists as Fear and Loathing is released in the UK.
Gilliam's childhood - Summer 1998

Gilliam talks with Jordi Costa and Sergi SŠnchez about his early life in the United States.

LegitCrit Interview - May 1998

Terry Gilliam talks to LegitCrit.

Devious Devices Interview - January 1998

Terry Gilliam talks about his new exhibition of automata.

1997 Dreams Interview - December 1997 Terry Gilliam spoke to Dreams in December 1997 - here is the interview...
The Hamster Factor

An exclusive Dreams interview with the directors of The Hamster Factor, Keith Fulton and Louis Pepe.

1996 The Big Breakfast A transcript of Gilliam's apearance on Channel 4's The Big Breakfast.
1995 The Making of 12 Monkeys An interview with Terry Gilliam during the making of 12 Monkeys
1989 The Face Interview An interview with Terry upon the release of Munchausen

A list of TV interviews/items featuring Terry Gilliam can be found on the Gilliam appearances page. Also, there are two pages of Gilliam articles in periodicals, newspapers and magazines, divided into two sections:
Other Notable Interviews - External Links
The Terry Gilliam Files by David Morgan A wonderful collection of interviews and articles by David Morgan, who has known Terry Gilliam for many years.
2001 The Observer Observer journalist Sean O'Hagan talks to Terry Gilliam about The Man Who Killed Don Quixote
2000 Filmforce
1999 Mark Campbell Interview
1998 The Comics Journal Excellent interview with Gilliam by comics mag
1998 Chasseurs de RÍves An online fantasy magazine which features an interview with Terry Gilliam.
1998 Film Scouts Film Scouts tribute to Terry Gilliam
1998 Salon.com Interview from 1998

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