The Release of Tideland

...by Phil Stubbs

Terry Gilliam's latest film "Tideland" is now complete. This webpage follows its release. In reverse chronological order...

June 2006
Terry Gilliam and Tideland author Mitch Cullin appeared together at the Hay-on-Wye literary festival at the beginning of June to present a screening of Tideland and answer questions afterwards. "Susan" left a few notes at the Dreams Messageboard... without spoilers...

I saw Tideland in Hay last night... It was brilliant. First, it's a bit worrying when the director of a film stands up before a screening and asks the audience to bear with the movie and not to walk out. It came across as a bit defensive. Nevertheless, some people did leave. And I suppose the film is rather challenging for the squeamish, whether physically, morally or emotionally.

I did stay and the more I've thought about it over the past 24 hours the more impressed I am. Visually, it's very beautiful. It's different too, because while it has many of the visual trademarks you'd expect, the overwhelming impression is of the landscape and the way the characters (humans, dolls, houses etc) exist within it. The colours are stunning. Jodelle Ferland is really amazing. She held my attention for the entire film and drew me completely into her world. For those who couldn't get to Hay, I promise it will be worth the wait.

Gilliam took Tideland to Brussels, from where a positive review was provided to Aint-it-Cool-News.

Terry Gilliam has agreed to answer questions from readers of this website. Go to the Ask Terry page before 11 July to submit your question.

April 2006
The official Tideland website was nominated for a Webby award. It did not go on to win.

March 2006
The UK distributor of Tideland is announced as Revolver, a company that recently released Herzog's Grizzly Man in the UK.

February 2006
Tideland was screened at the Rotterdam Film Festival at the end of January 2006, and according to Hollywood Reporter it was well-received. There's a review from this screening at Aint-It-Cool-News. Late February, Gilliam talked to the BBC about Tideland at the Bangkok Film Festival

September 2005 - European premiere in San Sebastian
Gilliam and producer Jeremy Thomas took the film to the San Sebastian festival in northern Spain. Here, it won the FIPRESCI prize, selected by a jury of international critics. Variety reported:

The most unpopular winner, taking the Fipresci prize, was Gilliam's "Tideland." Gilliam ruffled feathers accusing journos who walked out of the pic's press screening of being "stupid."

On the festival's website are clips from the film, as well as scenes immediately before and after the screening. The San Sebastian press conference is available from the festival's website on video (in Castillian Spanish) and as audio (in English).

Espanol On this page both video and downloadable audio file are in Spanish
English On this page the video is in Spanish, but the audio file is in English

Director Terry Gilliam at the press conference and enjoying the beach at San Sebastian

September 2005 - Premiere in Toronto
Tideland received its premiere at Toronto on Friday 9 September at the Elgin. Mitch Cullin, who wrote the novel Tideland, wrote an article for this website about the film's debut. Typical for a Gilliam film, the immediate reviews were mixed. Dozens of reviews have been posted to a page within the Dreams Messageboard, most of this work being done by Shawn Lee.

The Tideland press conference in Toronto:
Terry Gilliam with (L-R) actors Jodelle Ferland,
Brendan Fletcher and Jennifer Tilly

The Tideland website was redesigned in time for the Toronto premiere, allowing the viewer to explore five different areas of Jeliza-Rose's world. On the website you will find video interviews with Gilliam and Cullin, plus substantial production notes and behind-the-scenes video.

July 2005
Terry Gilliam confirmed the completion of Tideland at the end of July 2005. In an interview with this website, he talked about getting the film completed, how he identified with characters in the film, and he admitted he had no idea how audiences were going to react when they saw the film.

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