Jabberwocky: Plot Synopsis

The Jabberwock, a vile and vicious monster, is ravaging the medieval Kingdom of King Bruno the Questionable, devouring and terrorising the miserable peasants on the lands outside forcing them to flee inside the city walls where they are in turn exploited by unscrupulous merchants, churchmen and traders.

King Bruno (MAX WALL) an aging, slightly senile monarch in not terribly interested in the affairs of the state. In fact, his main concern is to marry off his beautiful daughter (DEBORAH FALLENDER) who in true medieval tradition spends her time in the crumbling West Tower surrounded by her entourage of nuns, sewing her tapestry and waiting for her prince to come.

It is only when his Chamberlain (JOHN LE MESURIER) points out to King Bruno that there will soon be no peasants left to pay taxes, that the King is finally persuaded to hold a Tournament to chose a Champion Knight to go out and slay the monster.

Meanwhile, Dennis Cooper (MICHAEL PALIN) a young cooper's apprentice, renounced by his father and family coopering business, leaves the suburban home to make his fortune inside the city in the hope of winning approval and hand of the fair but fat Griselda Fishfinger (ANNETTE BADLAND) whose fish merchant father, Mr Fishfinger (WARREN MITCHELL) unfortunately despises Dennis' family craft.

Through a chance encounter with a lecherous, bawdy Squire (HARRY H. CORBETT) whom he unwittingly aids in the seduction of the voluptuous wife Betty (ALEXANDRA DANE) of the local publican (BERNARD BRESSLAW), Dennis, in a series of misadventures inside the city with knights, armourers, nuns, fanatics, kings, princesses, merchants, and bishops, finds himself in the amazing situation of slaying the Jabberwock and winning half the Kingdom and the hand of the beautiful princess.

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